It has come to my attention that Crimson: Steam Pirates, one of my favorite iPad games, is both on iPhone and free this weekend. If you have any iOS devices, you owe it to yourself to check out this game.

The gameplay is styled after turned based, tactical naval battles. Using ships, subs, and aircraft, you preselect their trajectory and special skills each turn. The next few seconds then play out before you.

The whole game is wrapped up in a steampunk skin. The game is set in a fictional reality where the course of history was changed by the discovery of a new fuel source. It’s equal parts Pirates of the Caribbean and the PC/Xbox cult classic Crimson Skies.

It should come as no surprise since Harebrained Schemes, the company behind the game, is made up of former members of FASA Studios. These are the guys who not only made Crimson Skies, but also MechWarrior and Shadowrun. From the music, the cheesy, sepia toned photographs, and the swashbuckling story, this game definitely scratches the itch left by the lack of any new Crimson Skies games in years.

So get going and give this game a shot! It’s available on iPhone and iPad.


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  1. Matt Mason says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I knew this came out on iPhone/iPod, but I also noticed it had a price tag that that iPad version did not. That’s not necessarily to say I am a cheapskate, just that I at least wanted the “trial” chapter just to give it a go.

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