Turns out that I was able to make The Nerdy Dork work as an almost native iPad app. To get yourself set up, just visit the site (https://ajguy.wordpress.com) on your iPad. You’ll be greeted with WordPress’s rather attractive OnSwipe iPad theme.

The theme allows you to navigate almost any WordPress.com hosted blog as though it were some manner of magazine app on you iPad, allowing you to swipe the cover over, swipe through pages, and read articles. But before you open up the page by swiping it open, create a home screen link by clicking the share button next to the address bar, then click “Add to Home Screen.” You’ll then get the option to name the bookmark. If you want it to all look near and pretty. I recommend deleting the “the” and calling it Nerdy Dork so it fits nicely. Hey! Check out that swanky app icon!

With the app now on your iPad (or perhaps in your obsessively categorized and alphabetized folders), give it a click and watch the magic. Now you’ve got a slick way to read your favorite new blog on the go!

It's like a real app!


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